Anna Pacheco Photography

Q: How much does a photo session cost, do you have a price list?
A:  Because everyone has specific and unique imagery needs, custom quotes are provided upon inquiry. Investment minimum is typically about 300$, and increases from there.

Q: When will I get my images?
A: A two-week turnaround is standard for small portrait sessions. Large events/weddings are delivered in 4-6 weeks.  If expedited turnaround is required, a small fee may be incurred, which will be advised during the booking process. Commercial project turnaround will be determined upon booking based on requirements of the shoot.

Q: Do you do sneak peeks?
A: A small preview peek of 3-5 images maximum of photographer’s choice will be delivered within 48 hours of a portrait session, should you request a sneak peek.  Additional time spent retrieving multiple images creates delays in by adding to time that could be spent delivering the final product in its entirety.  Just like a movie preview, the reveal is a lot more fun when you’ve caught just a glimpse. :)

Q: What happens if it rains?
A: For weather dependent sessions, whenever possible, I am happy to work with you to rebook the date, at no additional cost.

Q: What if you are sick and can’t show up?
A:  Health is an important factor in this industry, and calling in a sick day for an important event has the potential to seriously disrupt your plans. In 15 years of professional experience, only once has health forced me to cancel, and I was able to call in a photographer to substitute on short notice.  For this reason, for large events, particularly weddings, my packages include a second photographer. Two photographers double your images, double the fun, and provide an important safety net.  If, due to a catastrophe or health issue, I was unable to fulfill an obligation, every effort would be made to offer an alternative photographer, and full refund would be issued.

***Due to COVID-19: I reserve the right to cancel at any time if appropriate safety precautions and distancing requirements, as mandated by the state of Hawaii, are not properly observed. An additional waiver will be produced upon booking and protocol discussed prior to shoot date. Your safety is my priority.

Q: Do you shoot RAW? May I have the RAW files too?
A: Yes and No. I do photograph in RAW, giving me the largest files with the most amount of data possible. However, when hiring me, you are choosing my style and final edits. I deliver only in JPEG format.

Q: "Are you going to put my photo online or display it on social media? I'm kind of a private person."

A:  Your privacy will be respected, if you do not wish for your images to be displayed for any reason, I am happy to accomodate.  

Q: Do you use flash?
A: I use whatever lighting modification is necessary to create the imagery and style desired. Sometimes that may mean all natural light, other times it may require flash/studio strobes.   

Q: What’s a typical photo session like?
A: Because of the varied aspect of my work, there is no template of typical. I try to keep all sessions as relaxed and fun as possible (appropriate to the setting) while creating a wide variety of images to choose from. The goal is to create something beautiful, and creativity works best if everyone is enjoying the process. I love to collaborate with my clients and other photographers, but am also happy to work independently.  Ultimately, with a background in customer service, I want you to be happy. Tell me what you want, and I’ll do everything I can to make it happen.

Q: “I have this idea . . . but it requires getting up at sunrise, hiking to the top of a mountain, riding a donkey through a river . . . Are you up for it?”
A: YES. I am up for just about any adventure, anytime, anywhere.

Q: “I am looking for a photographer to shoot XYZ, but I don’t see it in your portfolio”. . .
A: With over ten years experience freelancing for local newspapers, and additional years photographing for a wide variety of clients and businesses, there’s not many things I’ve not captured. That being said, even if my style or skill set does not match your needs, feel free to reach out. I am very happy to put you in touch with the many other talented photographers here on the Big Island!

Q: How do I get my images?
A: High resolution images will be delivered digitally, via online gallery, along with a print release allowing you to print at the lab of your choosing. A private link will allow you to share the images with others, if you choose to, and a zip file will also be provided to download all images.  Thumb drives are available on request.

Q: What about prints?
A: I highly encourage printing images to display and enjoy.  While there is no obligation to purchase through me, I work with a variety of professional labs that will produce images of better quality than a box store. The option will be extended to you, along with price list, upon delivery of your images.

Q: Do you sell your photography?
A: Yes! I sell fine art prints of my landscape photography. Currently on display at Xisle Custom Tattoo Studio and Gallery in Kapaau, an online store is also under construction. Looking for a special location or want to commission a piece? Let me know!

Q: How do I book a session?
A: Please contact me via the Contact page on this website. Once we’ve confirmed a date, a contract will be delivered for you to sign and review. A signed contract and small retainer will be collecting upon booking, the remainder due on the session date or prior to delivery of final images.

Q: What do you do for fun?
A: I take photos. Really, I love what I do.  I also enjoy travelling with my husband, spending time with our two dogs, and exploring the outdoors.